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Direct English has a first-class and proven English language education system provided by the UK-based Linguaphone Group, one of the global leaders in the education sector.
With our highly respected curriculum, Direct English has helped millions of students build their confidence, reach their goals, and master English. With 8 core levels from beginner to advanced (including ‘Foundation’, 9 levels), our students develop English proficiency in first-class Direct English training centers available worldwide – and online through Direct English Live.


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Global Leader in English Language Training

With a history dating back to 1901, the Linguaphone Group has unrivalled global experience in delivering English language training worldwide. We are proud of our rich heritage and market-leading curriculum.

Blended Learning Method

Direct English is a quality blended learning program, which combines expert classroom teaching with one-to-one tuition. Also available through our fully interactive online learning platform - Direct English Live.

Teaching practices based on 115 years’experience

We’re passionate about English Language Learning! Direct English offers more choice than any other English training provider. We can help people of any level become proficient in English.

First Class Student Resources

With our innovative teaching practices combined with interactive learning resources, learning are both engaging and effective.

Extensive online and offline resources

The learning process is simple. We have developed innovative teaching practices and a host of interactive learning resources to make the process more engaging and adaptable.

Franchise Opportunities

Find out how our Franchisee partners have already been successful with Direct English.

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What Do Our Customers Think?

The course works fine. It is especially good that they encourage students to meet up. It's also nice that it's practical.

Deniz GürsoyStudent, Mecidiyeköy

It is a very good and successful institution, I am happy to be here.Fortunately, I gave it a chance.

Kubilay SeyhunStudent, Mecidiyeköy

I observed a disciplined and hard-working teaching staff. You have educators who master the field.

Sedat ÖzbudakStudent, Mecidiyeköy

It was very good that our classes were not crowded.It felt like I was studying abroad.We had the chance to practice a lot with the native teacher.

M.Ç.Student, Mecidiyeköy
15 October 2020 in DE-Mag

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Learning a new language is difficult! It takes commitment and perseverance, but it can be made to be more enjoyable too, and the result can be so rewarding and open…
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