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We’re passionate about English Language Teaching since 1901.

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Established in 1997, Direct English supports an international network of exclusive franchise partners from the company’s UK headquarters.

Direct English is a leading language training provider that’s helped thousands of adults worldwide learn English.

Direct English provides a successful model for franchise partners worldwide.

A 115-Year-Old Language Education Tradition
Language Education Experience On A Global Scale
Proven Training Methods
Flexible Course Structure
Specially Prepared Training Materials

An educational model built on centuries of experience and global experience

Direct English, which has developed its continuing education model and materials by putting on the experience and knowledge it has gained in the past since its establishment, provides education with its own books and multimedia resources.

Today, Direct English is teaching thousands of students in centers around the world.

The Linguaphone Group

Direct English is a proud member of The Linguaphone Group, an innovative language training provider that’s led the industry for over 115 years.

The unique learning system on which Direct English is based was developed by the innovative language scholar Louis Alexander.

“Our history is what defines us” | Louis Alexander