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You can choose from a variety of flexible course options by signing up for our General English, Exam English or Business English courses.

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Course Structure

Choose from a range of different flexible and intensive course options and find a program that fits around your personal and professional schedule.

Join a class on campus to receive face-to-face tuition, or learn online at your own pace with our extensive range of interactive learning resources.

The Learning Process

The learning process is simple and we’ve developed innovative teaching practices and a host of interactive learning resources to make the process more engaging and adaptable.

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The road to success


We listen to you, get to know you, find out what works for you. Direct English is based on how you learn it.


Our methods are designed to train you carefully in the four skills of understanding, speaking, reading and writing, while at the same time anticipating and dealing with questions you might have at every stage of the learning process.


We treat you as an individual, not just a face in a classroom. We recognise that everyone has different learning abilities and needs, so we start out by finding which pace of study you're happy with.


Our syllabus reflects how language is naturally learned, introducing grammar and language points right away - you'll be speaking conversational English from day one. By returning to these points as your language skills and vocabulary develops, it reinforces what you've learned.


Learning English takes time so we let you study when, where and how you like, to fit in with your lifestyle. You can combine personal study with tutorials, conversation classes and multimedia classes, at times that suit you, without putting your life on hold.


The audio and digital components of our course material, unlike most academic textbooks, are both clear and engaging.

The flexibility of our unique learning system, coupled with world-class bilingual learning resources, personalized tutorials, conversation classes, multimedia resources and organized social activities, adds to the overall success of our proven learning system. It's a winning combination that's hard for competitors to match.

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Why should I choose Direct English?

Communicating easily and effectively in English may feel like a distant goal, but with Direct English success is within your reach.

Developed by the Linguaphone Group, a world-leading language training provider, this unique language system builds up your skills and confidence at your own pace – one step at a time, so you reach your goals more easily.
And that underpins everything that we do with Direct English, we are totally focused on developing your confidence in English. Whether you need to learn English for lifestyle or career purposes, here are just a few of the other reasons why Direct English is the English language program of choice for thousands of adults worldwide:

  • Gradually layers knowledge at your pace, and builds confidence in learning English from day one.
  • Caters for all learning styles and budgets, offering more choice than any other provider.
  • Provides a complete service for individuals and companies alike, with a flexibility that’s hard to match.


  • Fits around your work and lifestyle commitments.
  • Uses premium materials and multimedia resources that allow you to study whenever and wherever you choose.
  • Delivers high levels of customer service through which we ensure high re-enrolment figures of over 60% on our program.
  • Builds ability in all four key language learning skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • Offers continual review and assessment to monitor your progress.
  • Is aligned to the globally recognised Common European Framework
    Reference for Languages (CEFR) – the leading global standard for assessing an individual’s English language proficiency.
  • It is supported by the Linguaphone Group, a world leader in English education with over 100 years of experience worldwide.
So what are you waiting for? Take your first step towards learning English with us today.