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Learn online Anywhere, Anytime with Direct English Live.

Our virtual learning environment – Direct English Live – enables you to access valuable English Language Teaching resources online, whenever and wherever you need them, to complement your classroom studies.


Direct English Live!

Our global Direct English Franchise network has now upgraded to a powerful, new and responsive online learning platform for students and staff alike.

With Direct English Online, you can gain access to the growing collection of interactive learner resources in our library, which are designed to help you master English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

Learning Cloud Mobil App

Direct English Live offers a completely learner-centric user experience for students, through our unique Learning Cloud learning platform, which enables you to access our suite of learning resources offline from any iOS, tablets or Android device.

This means that students will be able to complement their classroom learning with access to interactive learning resources and teaching schedules, wherever they are. This cutting-edge system is designed to be comprehensive yet easy to use, and is available in students’ native language to help get the most from their English studies. Using a range of audio-visual materials, students can revise the stories and dialogues used in class whenever and wherever they want. Students can then record themselves speaking in English and listen back to assess their pronunciation. This is an ideal way for students to practice listening and reading outside of the classroom.

Intelligent progress tracking and reporting

Unlike most language courses, you’ll be tested online throughout your studies to identify any areas where extra tuition might be beneficial.

Our online tests are designed specifically for your chosen course, and benchmarked for easy comparison. It also enables staff to effectively track and monitor students real time access and progress through the course. As well as help support effective classroom management.

Student can track their own progress to see just how far they’ve come, and interact with their peers using our social platform, Direct English LIVE!

Direct English Live

Our Direct English Live Platform truly sets us apart from other training providers, allowing you to practice English whenever and wherever you are.

Depending on the course you select, you can gain access to the following resources upon enrolment:

  • Daily English
  • Online learning modules
  • Direct English Interactive (DEI)
  • Direct English Learning Management System (DE LMS)

This suite of premium learning materials includes:

  • Mock tests
  • Interactive fluency building program
  • Interactive activities and quizzes
  • Multimedia study aids